Frequently Asked Questions - Chris's Castles
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Chris's castles operate it's bouncy castle hire service?

Chris’s Castles operates it’s bouncy castle hire service in Pontefract, Wakefield and all the WF post code area

How long will we get the bouncy castle we have hired for?

This is up to you. You can have it for most of the day, we delivery in the morning between 10am and 12pm and collect between 4pm and 9pm or you can hire one for a couple of hours, perfect when using a venue or hall. We try our best to be as flexible as possible to meet your needs. We also offer an overnight service for an extra charge.

Can I have an bouncy castle or inflatable set up indoors in a venue or hall?

Yes, most of our bouncy castles and inflatables can be used indoors. Sand bags are used to hold the bouncy castle down. The only thing you may want to check is the height of your venue, as well as the width and length, to ensure the inflatable fits. If it is going indoors please advise us at booking so we know to load up the right equipment ready for delivery. 

Where do you hire out and offer bouncy castle hire?

All the WF area

Do you have insurance for your bouncy castles you hire?

Yes, we have public liability insurance up to £5 million pound, which covers for any injury or accident which can be deemed our staff or our equipment’s fault. Additional insurance cover is available to buy direct from an insurance broker to cover supervision and personal injury.

Is your electrical equipment PAT tested which you use for your bouncy castles?

Yes, all our electrical equipment which we use for our bouncy castle hire is PAT tested.

Can we collect our bouncy castle or inflatable from you instead?

Sorry no, our insurance requires we set up each and every bouncy castle or inflatable.

Do your bouncy castles have shower covers?

Yes, most of our bouncy castles / inflatables have shower/sun covers. Just check on the bouncy castle details to confirm this or gives us a call. These are only effective in light rain or showers.

Can I hire bouncy castles overnight?

The castles can be for an additional fee be left overnight once they satisfy certain criteria, these being the following…

  1. The garden where the bouncy castle is located is secure.
  2. Rain is not forecast overnight.
  3. The castle is not booked out the following day.

Ultimately we at Chris’s Castles have the final decision as to whether the castle may remain on site overnight.

Can I Cancel my bouncy castle hire booking?

Yes you can cancel your bouncy cancel hire without a charge. We will text you the night before to confirm your booking with us. Please cancel as soon as you can.

My garden is on a slope can I still hire a bouncy castle?

This depends on the slope, If its is just a small gradient then yes but the front opening of the bouncy castle / inflatable has to be at the top of the slope. If you are unsure please contact us.

How long will it take to set up and take away the bouncy castle or inflatable?

Setting up and taking away a bouncy castle both take around 15 mins to half an hour depending on the venue.

Do you offer any multiple item asset discount if hiring more then one bouncy castle or equipment from you?

Yes, just book 3 or more bouncy castles.

Can I use a castle in the rain?

Light showers are fine as the majority of the castles have shower/sun covers. Heavy rain is not advised due to the electrical equipment and the increased hazards of slips trips and falls due to the slippery surface of the equipment

Do the castle's come manned?

No. However they can be if you requested for an additional fee please ask when booking.

We hope we have answered your any questions you may have but please feel free to contact us if we have missed anything